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It is indisputable that the U.S. economy relies heavily on the semi truck, of which there are about 5.6 million semi trucks or tractor trailers registered in the U.S. and around 3.2 million truck drivers. Trailers are typically 53 feet long and each year, a single semi truck can average around 45,000 miles, while long-distance trucks can log as many as 100,000 miles. With the maximum weight for a U.S. semi truck and full trailer being 80,000 pounds spread over 18 wheels, a smaller passenger sized car or truck is no match when something goes wrong and the two vehicles collide.

According to the National Highway Traffic Association (NHTSA), “One out of nine traffic fatalities in 2008 resulted from a collision involving a large truck.” The NHTSA also reports that in 2008, of all the fatalities that resulted in crashes with large trucks, 74% of those killed were the occupants of another vehicle and only 16% were the occupant of a large truck.

Due to the massive size of semi trucks, most drivers and passengers in passenger sized vehicles simply don’t stand a chance when involved in a collision with a semi truck or big rig. Truck drivers are people too and like anyone else can speed, drive recklessly, operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or engage in distracted driving behaviors such as texting while driving, or simply fall asleep at the wheel.

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