Defective Products

Defective Product Injury Attorneys in Schenectady, NY

Injured by a Defective Product?

Dangerous and defective products fall under product liability law, which deals directly with the liability of any or all parties along the manufacturing chain for damage or injury caused by that product. This would include the manufacturer of any component parts, the assembling manufacturer, the wholesaler and even the retail store owner.

When a product has been released on the consumer market and it contains inherent defects that cause harm to the consumer of the product, or someone whom the product was given or loaned etc., that product can be the subject of a product liability suit.

Manufacturers and suppliers can incur liability under three categories: design defects, manufacturing defects, and marketing defects. While design defects exist before the product was manufactured, manufacturing defects occur during the construction or production of the product. Defects in marketing address failures to warn consumers of a product’s hidden dangers, improper labeling or inadequate instructions. Negligent or misrepresentation of a product can also give rise to a product liability claim.

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