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Car accidents are among some of the most common accidents that cause personal injury in Schenectady. Car crashes can range anywhere from minor fender-benders to catastrophic damages from head-on collisions or fatalities as a result of negligent driving, such as texting while driving. As a result, at any given moment, someone you know and love, or even yourself, could be the victim of an auto accident.

Perhaps the hardest thing to accept after a car accident is that your personal injury could have been entirely preventable, especially if you or a loved one were the victim of negligible behavior. In addition to dealing with the stresses, anxieties, and trauma of suffering injuries due to an accident caused by no fault of your own, trying to take on the legal process on your own could feel overwhelming.

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Most people are unsure of how to deal with the confusing legal processes and insurance companies, and simultaneously juggle the extremely difficult task of treating injuries and damages while trying to maintain a normal life. If you think it’s nearly impossible, you’re not the only one, and you should not attempt it by yourself.

What is the role of insurance companies in a motor vehicle accident?

All licensed drivers in Schenectady must also be properly insured with certain protective policies that can act as a safety net in the event of an emergency, such as a car accident or even a pedestrian accident.

Policyholders pay insurance premiums with the expectation that their investments will be well worth the value, especially if they sustain bodily injuries or a car is damaged in a car accident. Most people do not know, however, that insurance companies do everything in their power to avoid paying out the full amount of deserved financial compensation for a victim’s injuries and damages.

No-Fault Insurance in New York

Essentially, insurance companies only exist to provide the most basic amount of recovery expenses for injuries and damages sustained in an accident. The state of New York follows a no-fault insurance plan that states, in its most simple definition, that any person involved in an accident that has sustained car crash related injuries or damages would be compensated for by insurance companies regardless of who was at fault in an auto accident.

Unfortunately, many car crash victims do not receive the full amount of compensation that is deserved. No-fault insurance plans provide minimal coverage, which usually caps off at about $50,000 for medical expenses, lost wages, or other incidentals caused by the accident. These plans do not include things like pain and suffering.

For some, the resulting anguish or emotional damage of losing a loved one due to wrongful death in an accident can be the greatest damage of all. Yet, because of no-fault laws in New York, victims cannot obtain compensation for these irreparable damages.

DMB can protect your rights!

It is apparent that insurance companies not only make it as hard as possible for clients to receive compensation for their damages, but they also don’t truly protect the best interests of their clients as one would originally hope. Insurance companies are out to settle cases as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible. In their eyes, your injuries could simply be looked at as just another case number at the top of a docket.

Instead, DMB Legal protects the rights of our clients and offers informative legal tips on how to best go about filing claims after an accident. Though it may be impossible to financially compensate for the wrongs and injustices acted upon the wrongful death of your loved one, we have specifically dedicated our practice to helping people because people matter.

Our firm specifically focuses on helping the victims of personal injury seek legal justice because we enjoy fighting against big insurance companies who are trying to take advantage of victims.

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