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Crossing the street on your bicycle or taking a crosswalk through a busy intersection in Schenectady to get to work may be a daily occurrence for you. You may come to expect busy walk ways, or adhere to pedestrian rules in traffic by using multi-use lanes, specifically created for pedestrians and bicyclists. Though you may be alert and abiding by these road safety rules, the safety of yourself or a loved one could be compromised by negligent drivers around you.

In late 2012, Governor Cuomo announced the construction of a multi-use lane addition to the Western Gate Bridge connecting pedestrian and bicycling lanes on both sides of the Mohawk River. Though these lanes were implemented to create a safer and better place to live for all Schenectady residents, pedestrian accidents still occur.

Due to driver inattention or distracted driving such as texting while driving, nearly 80% of fatal car accidents in New York City were caused by motor vehicles striking down unsuspecting pedestrians. Statistics such as these are especially shocking because not only could they be applicable to unsuspecting pedestrians in Schenectady, but most importantly, those accidents and fatalities could have been completely prevented by safe and attentive driving.

Magnitude of Pedestrian Accident-Related Injuries

According to New York’s Department of Health, motor vehicle accidents are the third leading cause of injury related death in Schenectady. In addition, the Department concluded that per month on average, at least one Schenectady resident died due to traffic-related crashes, and at least 115 Schenectady residents were treated for injury in the hospital in one month alone. Although many victims in Schenectady were injured due to car accidents, a much higher percentage of bicyclists and pedestrians were injured severely or fatally.

To fully understand just how potentially catastrophic a pedestrian related injury could be one simply needs to remember that pedestrians have little to no protective gear to shield them from speeding cars or inattentive drivers. In one year alone, the Department of Health estimated that nearly 50% of all hospitalized pedestrians were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries, resulting in loss of independent function, paralysis, or even wrongful death.

Survivors of pedestrian accidents often require long-term rehabilitation care, resulting in increased doctor’s bills and financially demanding medical expenses. Some people may be permanently emotionally scarred, and treatment may be hard to estimate or evaluate.

Get Your Rightful Compensation

Medical attention should absolutely be your first priority, but at Dalmata, Maloy & Burke, LLP, we highly advise that you seek legal guidance as soon as possible. Injuries related to pedestrian accidents are not merely accidents or surprises. They do not happen by chance. Pedestrian accidents are almost always avoidable or preventable, especially if they are caused by negligent drivers behind a wheel.

Protect Your Rights and Health Dalmata, Maloy & Burke, LLP

When protecting your rights after a pedestrian accident happens, knowledge and experience are demanded but also requires the devotion of your representative. At Dalmata, Maloy, & Burke, LLP we are devoted to representing you and your injuries.

Our range of practice has extended to personal injury cases, including slip and fall accidents and even wrongful death as a result of medical malpractice claims. Devotion, diligence, and commitment are admirable characteristics that we have emphasized at our firm, and our clients can come to expect those things when we represent their case.

Our experience in personal injury law has translated to success in verdicts and settlements, and we have secured millions for our satisfied clients over the years. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a pedestrian accident, you need to consult a Schenectady personal injury attorney as soon as possible. You may have as little time as three years to file for a pedestrian accident claim.

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