Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Schenectady, NY

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Schenectady

Dalmata, Maloy & Burke handles all types of criminal defense work, including but not limited to drug crimes, assault and battery, fraud, weapons charges, domestic violence, burglary, DUI, manslaughter, homicide, computer crimes, child abuse, forgery, worthless checks, and theft. If you have been charged with any crime, do not delay calling our firm’s experienced and skilled criminal defense attorneys.

When you are charged with a crime and arrested, the police sometimes overreach their authority and break protocol, violating rules and regulations while processing or investigating you. Just because you have been charged with a crime does not mean you will be found guilty. You do not have to accept the consequences without fighting back and asserting your legal rights.

The due process of law is guaranteed to all citizens of this country. When the police, prosecution, and the courts deprive you of your legal rights, you need a highly competent and experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner who knows what to look for and how to counter the state’s prosecutorial strategies.

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We are committed to serving our clients in the most professional, ethical, competent and yet aggressive manner possible. We believe that every man should be given his fair opportunity in court and we are not afraid to take a case to trial, unlike other attorneys who would just as soon plead you out to something you did not do because it is easier.

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